Thursday, May 29, 2008

Week 13

Your baby is now the size of a ripe peach:

You have much to look forward to: - richtiges verhalten in der schwangerschaft


little miss mel said...

ah ha, that is funny.

Congrats on your peach!

Linsey said...

PASS THE DIRTY DIAPER GAME! (Materials- diaper, chocolate, music player). One of the "dirtiest" baby shower games is for the host to take a diaper that has been "fixed" with warm chocolate in the right place and have the woman pass it to the woman next to them (make sure everyone is in a circle). When the host stops the music, whomever is holding the diaper is out of the game. a baby shower favorite!

margot said...

hahahah that's from the girls next door! (aka the playboy reality show and best show ever!!!)
yayyyy for the little peach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!