Sunday, May 25, 2008

Note to Self

An ice cream sandwich does not a meal make;
neither do three ice cream sandwiches.
(This is what I write about when I don't want to write about
the dream and how the doctor told me she was worried
that the baby would be born blind.)


Andrea Luttrell said...

Did you dream what the doctor said or did the doctor really say that?

jen said...

true. however, an everything bagel, nu-shesh-faschel cream cheese, and a cold diet dr pepper....there's a meal.

margot said...

yes 3 icecream sandwiches are a GOOD meal and btw i like your blog's makeover!!! that must have happened while i was gone, it looks great!

Nicole Callihan said...

Andrea--It was a dream! Please don't encourage my insanity! Jen--Amen, sister! Margot--Double Amen!

Andrea Luttrell said...

Sweet Nicole, the baby will be perfect. You're healthy. C's healthy. The baby will be beautiful and fit as a fiddle. Eat all the ice cream sandwiches you want!