Thursday, January 22, 2009

What the Doctor Said

Doctor, doctor, I said, it hurts when I do this.

Do what?

this, doctor. It hurts so bad. So bad!

Doctor says, Well, don't do it.

Such was my conversation with the gyn yesterday. And what, you may wonder, was I referring to? Getting on the scale! Oh that lousy scale!

But doctor, I said, I have to!

No, you don't.

But what about the Amanda Carona Challenge, doctor? What about the millions of Blue Pitcher fans out there who are a Twinkie away from falling off the WWagon?

They'll live,
she said, or didn't say, but might have said. Actually, all she told me was to stop weighing myself. Give yourself a break until the birdie's got wings. Woman, I wanted to say, I've got wings!!! Have you checked out my triceps lately?

And such is my dilemma. Here, in my winged-Bovine state, I'm wondering what to do. Anyone wanna weigh in on this ridiculously vain topic?


Mike said...

Cliche: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Thusly revised: "The definition of insanity is weighing yourself any more frequently than once weekly, and even that just downgrades you to a little loopy."

Zoe said...

I'm a personal fan of not weighing. On account of I don't have a scale. On account of I have a feeling I'd obsess about it and it would make me unhappy. So I remain happily oblivious. It works ok until I go to the dr. and have to get weighed - but at least I worry about it less frequently. . .

Andrea Luttrell said...

I think you should give yourself a break! You just had a baby for goodness sake. The breastfeeding burns a TON of calorie. You look beautiful in all of your pictures.

More practically, I don't weigh. Randy and I are on a diet. How can I tell it's working? I can button my jeans again.

kate said...

i don't have a scale. i have blue jeans. that's all you need, baby!

Nicole Callihan said...

Alas, maternity jeans have no buttons!

Amanda said...

the Amanda Carona challenge can go on without you. You do need to give yourself a break. You just GAVE BIRTH!!! This is a major feat. This is much different than me being able to go back for thirds at Thanksgiving. Your body will go back to normal when it's ready!!!! You are beautiful!!! Oh, and make sure you check out my new site

Hillery said...

I feel for you. But you are beautiful, and so is your life. Maybe wait a few months until you're not so ravenous. I swear, when C was five months and I went on a diet it finally came off, but not a pound would budge before that. And now--a distant memory! You have many years of thin you ahead. Give yourself a break. With the wounded breasts, sleepless nights and inability to even return phone calls or steam some fish in paper, being a new mother is hard enough!

Natalie said...

I think you should cut yourself some slack Nicole! You look beautiful in all of your photos. If you are going to get on a scale I hope you account for all of that milk that you're lugging around.

Anonymous said...

I love all your friends comments and I concur. You do look beautiful in all pics and will lose any extra weight you have when your body is ready. But, you can continue to weigh if you want to. just, don't let it affect your day.

Nicole Callihan said...

Thanks, guys. I guess I am producing a gallon of milk a day! And mom, you're too funny. Now I remember why I'm getting on the scale in the first place!