Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weigh-In Monday

Okay, so yesterday, i.e. weigh-in Monday, I was not doing my usual jaunt down to WW. Nope, I was sitting in Joy's Country Skillet about three hours outside of New York watching through a greasy window as the snow fell and having this conversation:

Hubs: What do you think is worse--a Waffle with two eggs and bacon or a grilled pastrami and swiss with fries?

Me: Worse?

Hubs: You know, the most points.

Hmm...Meanwhile, I was wondering if the meatloaf was made with lean meat. (Don't worry--I didn't ask!) So...there are no weigh-in results. I seemed a bit down on my own scale (I opted for a bowl of Beef Barley & a Greek Salad), but, I've never been one to count my chickens (or maybe I am: about a point an ounce), or for that matter, my chicken fried steak (about a million points an ounce).

In other news, Eva and I have a giant playdate to watch the inauguration today. Yes, it's true: one can simultaneously breastfeed and watch history unfold. And here I had started to think of myself as a one-trick pony!


Amanda said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Meanwhile, my scale is not budging...maintaining, but not budging. I can't possibly be on a plateau after 1 week!!!

kate said...

i lost no weight this week. i'm looking to obama to change all that.

Anonymous said...

no weight loss here, either!! What is up??

jen said...

my week one left me at x-12!

and, i found a letter last night that reminded me of smashed fairies and those dangling foil stars....

Nicole Callihan said...

X-12!!! AND dangling foil stars. Goodness, I miss you. Congratulations. Much love.