Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things I Thought I'd Never Do

1) Call my husband "Daddy."

2) Sit in the backseat with the baby.

3) Write Thank-You Notes in the voice of the child.

Dear NaNa,

Thanks so much for the pony!
I can't wait to feel the wind in my hair
when I ride it!
I love you. Come to Brooklyn soon.

Eva Jane

(Alas, motherhood seems to be getting the best of me...)


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha!! Told you so. Also, is this a hint that I am to buy my sweet Eva a pony.

Nicole Callihan said...

Yes, NaNa! Eva wants a pony! A pink one. And a house to match.

Amanda said...

That is funny! I used to hate it when I would hear people calling their spouse Mom or Daddy and now I do it..yikes. We have officially turned into our mothers. (sorry Nana)

Anonymous said...

That is not a Bad thing, to turn into your mothers!

kara said...

Hola chica! First found you on FB now here! Woo Hoo... I blog too. Obviously not some published writer, but I enjoy it! And gonna be hooked on yours I can tell. Added it to my links...hope thats ok!