Monday, January 12, 2009

Weigh-In Monday

Hot dog!!!
(Actually, make that: Hot-98-percent-fatfree-beef-franks!)
Mama's down 1.6.



Amanda said...

Congrats on your weight loss!! That is exciting. Doesn't it feel good when the hard work pays off?

My official WWeigh in day was Friday and I was down 5.5 pounds. So excited, but 11.5 more to go!!!

Nicole Callihan said...

Amanda, 5.5 is amazing! No wonder they named the challenge after you.

I do feel really good. I've been "OP," as the say, for a few weeks now, but after my sneak-peak yesterday, I was really worried and slightly discouraged, so an official weight loss felt really good!

Good luck this week.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, your mama is down 3 pounds. I am excited too!! Good luck to all of us next week.

kate said...

i was down 2.3

jen said...

We had our first official weigh in at work today.....20 of us are competing. So for today I am x. Next week I will surely be x-a good number...

Anonymous said...

Down 3 for me. =)