Monday, June 23, 2008

Reading Re-cap

So...Sunsongs was a smash.
Barnes & Noble was SRO, and of course, the kids got me weepy with their poems.

Here's Francesco, proudly displaying the final product:
Mr. & Mrs. Poetry themselves (yes, she sang!!!):
Ever-charming, John brought the house down with his rendition
of Langston Hughes's "Dreams:"
And sweet, sweet Dana finished it all up with this beauty:

My name means
It is a heart filled
with happiness.

Dana. Dana.
Say it.

It is small.
You can hold it
in your mouth
a delicious apple.


Linsey said...

to my zen guru....Yes indeed, mama.... thanks again for another wonderful year...B&N rocked to Sunsongs!!! luv, mrs. poetry

Linsey said...

i meant, RIGHT, MAMA??? it went soooo well!!! & GOD bless kinko's stickers!!!!!!!!! lm

Nicole Callihan said...

Right mama is right! It was beauuuuuutiful. And, amen! God bless stickers!

margot said...

i heard it went well! love the pics!