Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not in Nigeria

Some of you may have received an email from "me" this morning
about my botched trip to Nigeria.
Though it looks fun:
I'm not there.
Nor do I need your $3500 (though if you have it to spare, I'll take it.)
The good news is I haven't seen the ole hubs this amused in years.
All morning he's laughed; he may have even slapped his knee.
The Nigeria phishing scam? he says.
You're the first person since the '90's to fall for that!


Limonada said...

Um, I was confused by that. And you know me, I was pretty much writing you a check when I got your second email saying someone had messed with your account. It's okay though, it would have bounced probably. It's the thought that counts. And a note for the future, any email with the headline "an emergency" gives me a heart attack.

Glad you're safe and sound and in Brooklyn.

Linsey said...

glad to hear all is well in bklyn, ny..... yowza!! that was very kooky... esp, when "they" said i was not to tell anyone... i knew it wasn't you, because you know i have a big mouth!!!!

Unfortunate Logic said...

are you sure? because those girls really are having lots of fun...