Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Note to Self

Just because one can still squeeze into her pre-pregnancy jeans
does not mean one should continue to wear them in public.


little miss mel said...

That is exactly what I am afraid of regarding my designer jeans. I am waiting another month before I make the attempt to wedge back into them.

Plus, it's horrible hot right now, so no rush there as well.

At least you are on the way up, the very exciting part!

You'll have to show growing photos at some point, right??

Erryn said...

Give that little baby some room to roam! They make such cute maternity things now. Can't wait to see you in JoMo.

Erica said...

Thanks for this note to self...I need to tell myself this daily as I try to squeeze into mine! Also, go for the panel pants. Once you go panel, you never go back :-) At least not while you're pregnant.