Monday, November 24, 2008

"Vanity, Vanity..."

"...all is vanity,"
said the woman at thirty-eight and a half weeks pregnant
as she slipped into her paper bikini
and anxiously awaited her wax.
(Because, you know, giving birth is a heckuva lot like going to the beach!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for...
The Final Pedicure & The Emergency Eyelash Tint


cricket said...

ah, but better a wax than to have your sweet honey try to help you "tidy it up down there" since you can't see it anymore and looking like a bald eagle when all is said and done. with a heat rash later on too boot. wax on, baby, wax on!

Andrea Luttrell said...

Is this training for the pain of labor? Please say you didn't go Brazillian!

Nicole Callihan said...

The pain of labor--yes! Brazilian--no way!!!