Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Facing the (Sizzling Egg) Music

So, there I was, belly up to the Momofuko Milk bar, getting ready to bite into the most delicious pork & egg bun known to mankind. Zoe & I had just taken the girls to Kundalini yoga, and I was checking my email while we waited for the food. The egg sizzled in the fryer; my mouth watered.

And then I saw the subject of all my emails:


Not one but two friends emailing me separately about Weight Watchers. Did I mention the egg sizzling? The thing is several months ago when I was getting all wackadoo with the Amanda Carona Challenge, my yoga teacher and my doctor both told me to not even think about weight until the bird turned six months old. Well, guess who's six months old?

I guess I shouldn't get into how the egg oozed onto the bun or how halfway through the deliciousness Zoe said that she suspected it tasted so heavenly because of the visible fat on the pork. Lesson learned: Don't check email when you're out to lunch!!! Now, I'm going to go sup on my zero-point veggies and call it a night.


Zoe Ryder White said...

This doesn't mean no more post-kundalini pork&egg buns, right?? I shoulda kept my mouth shut about the fat. You are amazingly lovely and strong as is, anyway, chica.

Nicole Callihan said...

Ah Zo, thank you, dear, and I'm sure I'll still be able to squeeze in a pork & egg bun. I think it might be sinful to not enjoy such an incredible creation.