Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back in the Heartland

Obscenely early:
Wake up.

Zumba with mother-in-law.

Tie baby to antique highchair with dishrag;
feed her squash and blueberries.

Stop by great-grandmother's house
to listen to tale of man
whose eyeball was hanging out of the socket.

Baby gets mesmerized by "Thriller" on the television.

Four o' five:
Baby squawks at Billie Jean.

Four ten:
Baby crawls(!!!) to Elmo.

Baby is fed
(smelling of apples, apricots, brown rice).
Baby to bed.

Eat ribs.

[Pictured: Baby tied to chair.]


Zoe Ryder White said...

The bird is mobile!!! Watch out, Brooklyn. Enjoy those ribs, and that big sky.

Anonymous said...

yay! she crawled?! I knew it was going to happen soon!

drjalepeno said...

In August the little Tiger, bird in NYC lingo, comes to Gawd's Country for her first taco and chopped beef year it's South Louisiana, an LSU tshirt and crawfish (already peeled of course) is great to be in America!!!!