Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 219

O Evabird, life moves so much faster in Oklahoma than it did in Brooklyn. Suddenly, your firsts are all slipping through my fingers; now you've done, done, done. You've sipped on Nana's Diet Coke--when mama wasn't looking!--and tasted cookies and petted a dog and fed yourself Cheerios and been through a carwash and spent all day by the pool and tried to steal a pacifier out of little Helen's mouth and tasted lemon and gone underwater.

I'd think in heat this thick that the world would move so much more slowly, but every time I turn, you're new. Happy seven month birthday, little bird. I promise I'll try to savor all these moments; I've been told it goes far too fast.


drjalepeno said...

The next thing you know Eva will probably, when mama isn't looking, jump on the computer write her blog for her. It would be nice to get Eva's spin on her new adventures in Okie land.

kate said...

oh but when, when will she understand why you collect typewriters!