Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yet Another Reality Check

Nothing like waking up after another fairly sleepless night, hooking myself up to the hands-free breast pump and trolling "Baby's First Solids" message boards to remind me that life ain't what it used to be. Let's just hope I can make it to my two o'clock meeting at NYU without reeking of spit-up.


Zoe Ryder White said...

oh lordy. it sure ain't, huh? cant wait to see you tomorrow!

Hillery said...

Not to worry. I was sitting behind you and you smelled lovely!

Anonymous said...

The strangely deja-vu thing, Nicole, is that seeing you today was much like seeing you last November, last time I laid eyes on you, as you were calmly sitting in cubicle 1, wearing a black sweater and eating Laffy Taffy. So, yes, there is now Eva Jane, and there is much I know from reading this blog, but you are simply you.
I still feel comfortable telling you about all that is on my mind, in an almost uncanny way; and I still feel that you show up in a conversation as the full and undivided, authentic, creative, honest, compelling, and thoughtful you.
I think what your smell is like, despite your qualms, makes little difference.
How little has changed!
Thank you!

Helios said...

So.... inquiring minds want to know. Were you spitup free? :) :)