Monday, May 11, 2009

The Breakfast-in-Bed Memo

Okay. So I'm official. I've now survived my first Mother's Day and feel I can wear the "Mama" banner with pride. Not to worry: I wasn't smothered in kisses nor did I drown in the coffee brought to my bed or stuff myself into oblivion with pillow-side banana chocolate chip pancakes. Apparently, the hubs didn't get the memo about serving the new mom breakfast in bed. Not like every other dad in the universe. Yesterday, while C. slept soundlessly on the downstairs couch, I read Facebook status after Facebook status, all to the tune of: FRENCH TOAST!!! IN BED!!! I'M THE WORLD'S LUCKIEST MOMMY!!! BACON TOO!!!

I have to admit: I set myself up for failure. At 5 a.m. after the bird had been squawking and eating and squawking and eating for several hours, C. said, I'm gonna go sleep on the couch, and I was all (in my head): Sure you are, you're gonna go make pancakes and coffee and put a pink peony in a little tiny vase and I'm gonna say, you didn't have to and you're gonna say, Oh but I did, and then we're going to lay around all day and read the Times and Eva's going to take naps and maybe there will be a small piece of jewelery involved and maybe I'll get to yoga but mostly we'll just kiss and the house will clean itself, and Bacon, you'll say, Extra crispy!

Meanwhile, back on the planet Earth, my husband--who is (almost) always incredible, who I respect and admire and love more than anyone in the world--emerged from the couch cave at about 9:30 (an obscenely late hour in these parts!), scratching his belly and letting out a bear yawn. What's for breakfast? he asked. And then, even after he nuzzled me and made me dance with him in the kitchen and cooked me dinner and told me jokes and said I was the best mom in the world, I still pouted. And pouted. And pouted.

He says he can't read my mind. Looks like next year's memo will need to be in black & white. Anybody out there not get breakfast in bed?


kate said...

do not pout, that's so average.
xo kate

little miss mel said...

the only reason I got breakfast in bed and a piece of jewelry was based on a few years of practice.

Oh, and I sent him a link to the jewelry a few weeks ago. :)

Sounds like a lovely, intimate day though! Bacon would have been sweet.

(I had a typo, so I deleted my first comment. hehe)

Richard Hefner said...

Linda didn't get breakfast in bed... and she cut the grass that afternoon. Don't worry... she'll even things up on Father's Day. For the first time in our 30 years together, we visited the graves of both of our mothers and talked a lot about them. It was a good day.

Nicole Callihan said...

Little Miss. Mel, great link advice. Kate, you're so right! Spank me. Pappy, I love that you two went and visited your mother's graves. That's really beautiful. Love you all. Thanks for the reminders not to be so darned selfish--and if I am selfish, to be more specific!

drjalepeno said...

My mother got, in keeping with my nom de plume, huevos rancheros at a local Mezzkin joint......she seemed quite pleased actually. And, a young sheriff, who was also eating at the restaurant, came over and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. What will be in your hubs memo for Father's Day is now the question???

Andrea Luttrell said...

Apparently the dogs told Randy to bring me breakfast in bed on their behalf. Granted, it was bagels and coffee, but still. However, I do remember our first Valentine's Day, which involved no present and about a year's worth of pouting on my part.

Zoe Ryder White said...

I didn't get breakfast in bed, though I didn't know to expect it either. I don't like crumbs in the sheets so it was just as well. I did get french toast at the table a few hours later. I'm thinking when the girls are maybe three or four it'll be really sweet to wake up to some burnt toast offering, eh? I'll get over the crumbs.

Anonymous said...

I loved th Mothers Day news flash you sent, especially the baby! Your dear ole Dad forgot to show it to me until you called today. You should not feel that you were selfish. It is your first Mothers Day, the "mother of all mothers days" after all.

Helios said...

I've never had breakfast in bed. Hmmm... have I lived in some weird parallel universe??? :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think i ever had breakfast in bed and did not receive a single mother's day card. Except the one Madeline picked out and I paid for when I bought my MIL a card. HMMMMM!!!!

Anonymous said...

No breakfast in bed for me either! Jeff sucks at all things holiday, and I often end up pouting and pissy. I've been told on more then one occasion that if I want things to change I have to spell it out for him, write it down, staple it to his forehead while he sleeps... you know, the usual. But, I refuse to give in to that. I expect and deserve the extra 10 minutes of effort!

So, in summary... don't feel too bad, you are not alone! HA! Misery... company... you know the drill!

Love you, hon!