Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eva's First Week

Fresh out of the womb...
Day 1:
Nana thinks the bow looks cute; I protest.
Looking back, I guess the bow is pretty darned cute.
Day 2:
Leaving the hospital.
Not a peep from Evabird.
I, on the other hand, bawled.
Were they really letting us take a live human being home?
Day 4:
Life is good.
Day 5:
First trip to the doctor.
All tests passed with flying colors!
Day 7:
First week on earth completed.
She even survived her parents dancing around the room
loudly singing Happy Birthday...


Anonymous said...

That's so cute... thanks for the informative update! We'll expect a new update, complete with pictures, every weekend, at least for the first year.

Anonymous said...

I love this summary of the weeK! Yes, every weekend we need this. Nana does LOVE the headband and loves Eva Jane and her mommy and daddy.

Zoe said...

what a sweet little bird!

Stephanie said...

Gotta update the're a momma now!!

Olivia said...

love her. and the bow. and everyone who loves her. and YOU. so much.

margot said...

OMG SHE'S SO CUTE!!!! keep posting pics!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Nicole. Beautiful family!


Natalie said...

That picture of her in the bow can serve as a reminder when you're telling Eva that she should always listen to her mother!

Limonada said...

She's so perfect and so are her parents. I can't wait to meet her!


Andrea Luttrell said...

Look at her gorgeous eyes! I cant wait to meet her and cuddle her and tell her how great her parents are and how exciting New York is and wait a great life she has a ahead of her. I demand video of Eva-bird's seagull cry.

And constant updates.

PS - you can now change your bio to say "mother" instead of "soon-to-be-mother"