Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 34

Your baby now weighs four and three-quarters pounds; you know this because she is balancing on top of your bladder and you can feel every ounce of her, but you don't really mind, actually you don't mind at all, because all you can think about are her toes and how small and perfect they already are and how you'll kiss them and how they'll smell like a newborn baby--that smell you never understood when other people gabbed about it; hmm, you thought, bizarre--but now, getting so close, you're beginning to understand, and you can hardly wait, so you bide your time sipping tea and thinking about how next fall you'll have to find tiny matching socks before you even leave the house.


little miss mel said...

so so fun!!!

looking good girl!

Sorry, I haven't written earlier, but it was such a delight seeing you. wait, did I already tell you this? Maybe I just haven't written a post about NYC visit yet. Yes, I think that is it.


I am so excited for you and C. Can't wait for you to begin your life as parents!!

Joe Hefner said...

you look great....