Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Playing with Poems!!!

My dear friend, Zoe Ryder White who also happens to be expecting her first baby (!!!), just came out with a book. It's an instructional book for K-2 that uses poems to teach word lessons, and what a beauty it is! Congratulations Zoe!

Zoe included a few of my poems, ones that I wrote especially for the book, and I feel really honored and grateful. (Thanks, Zo.) I'll spare you the one about screaming for ice cream as I've been doing enough of that around here lately, but here's one that teaches compound words. Hope you enjoy...

Postcard from Someplace Lopsided

Dear Sweetheart,

I have spent the afternoon
watching the sunrise.
All is sideways but full of butterflies.
Here, the ladybugs live in beehives
and the sunflowers bloom on seashores.
Oh, it is something!
Just this morning,
sipping my tea from a buttercup
and basking in a moonbeam,
I heard the heartbeat of a rosebud.
I'd do anything if you could be here
to see the wheelbarrows of wishbones
and the downpour of starlight.
Please visit soon.
I am awestruck but oh so lonely.

Somebody Blue


Zoe said...

awwww shucks! your poems are such lovely and important additions, i'm honored that you contributed! i especially love this one - so do the kids i've used it with. xo
and i too am screaming for ice cream. daily. sometimes twice a day. right now.

Anonymous said...

I collect wishbones and may have a drawer full, but not a wheelbarrow (yet).