Monday, September 22, 2008

My Morning Glory

Every morning, just before six, it begins.
The kicks above my belly button
so evenly spaced they might be guided by a metronome.
Finally, I crawl out of bed, open the blinds, put on the hot water,
and she settles--
again, it seems,
content with the simple mechanics of the world.


Anonymous said...

something similar to this happens to me every morning after my coffee...but it's not an event nearly as beautiful as yours...

Cliff said...


My wife is due Oct 20. When is your little one due?

Nicole Callihan said...

Yay, Cliff! So happy to hear it. I'm not due until December though now with the chilly air that doesn't seem like so far away. October 20 is actually my wedding anniversary (1 year!)--a wonderful day indeed! Keep me posted and best of luck with everything.

little miss mel said...

What a lovely way to start your mornings!! Getting closer!