Sunday, September 28, 2008

All the King's Men...

So, I'm in the return line at Lowe's yesterday, and the cashier needs to see me ID to assure--I'm guessing--that I don't make a weekly habit of going into Lowe's with a bunch of unused sconces demanding merchandise credit. (I do.)

Uh oh, she says. What? I say, afraid I've been found out. That's a bad idea, she says. What? I say.

She holds up my license. Organ donation, she says. Terrible. My dad runs a funeral home, and he says they just cut you all up and then it's so hard to put you back together, and you're just laying there a total mess. Nobody even recognizes you. Just guts, you know, with nothing else really in there.

Uhm, thank you,
I say.

Any problem with the lights? she asks. I shake my head, take my card. Well, good luck with the baby. She smiles--her teeth, an unsettling white--and points from my belly to my face, my face to my belly. You two have a fun day, she says.

Uhm, okay, will do.


Anonymous said...

Yikes... that's a little to much info.. from the Lowe's return desk CSR if you ask me.... Sadly she forgets about the lives saved by the organs donated... I say let em have what they want....Not like I'm gonna care.

Unfortunate Logic said...


little miss mel said...

great, glad I just changed my new license to donor.


Joe Hefner said...

You can make special requests. I am a donor, but I've asked that none of my bones are harvested. In that way, I can still donate to

On a side note: when they do harvest your bone, it's replaced by PVC pipe to retain the original shape.