Monday, August 11, 2008

Hot Diggety Dog

Looks like my brother, the inimitable Joseph T. Hefner,
also fell under the spell of love this weekend!!!
He proposed to his very lovely girlfriend, Natalie,
and they too are going to walk down the ole aisle.
I always love the idea of another Hefner in the world,
especially one I like as much as Natalie.
Congrats! Can't wait to celebrate.


Joe Hefner said...

my sister...I love you...

Anonymous said...

I love all of you. Yes, Natalie, wecome to the family.

jen said...

Ah, Brother Joe...congrats!

Natalie said...

Thanks Nicole and Mary! I'm excited to be a Hefner someday also, although I won't be able to use the name Hugh (which I've always liked) if we ever have a boy. Oh well!