Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birth Stories Needed

One of my favorite things about our trip to Italy (besides, of course, the requisite shot at the Leaning Tower of Pisa) is that now C. wants to name our daughter: "Luciana Allesandra Bonifacia Camila Caprice Ellenora Fiorella Gabriella Giuseppina Jacobela Letizia Mariola Michelina Severina Stella Violetta Zoila" Callihan. Sort of rolls off the tongue, huh? And so, after all the magic and pasta and magic and pasta, we're home, and it seems there is much to think about: where to put cribs and desks and blankets and aprons, what to buy, what to beg for, what to dismiss as totally unnecessary.

And then--and this is the one that's preoccupying me the most--there is the actual birthing process. Even though I know on the grand scale of time it's a blip, it's becoming increasingly important to me. My mind's been in a total whirl since the plane ride yesterday when, during the almost-nine hour flight, I read and re-read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I'm feeling torn about having so quickly chosen a doctor and a hospital birth. I feel like if I could have it my way (I can't--that whole marriage negotiation thing comes in), I'd have little Luciana Stella in a hot tub in the backyard, but maybe that's just something I want because I'm pretty sure I can't have it. (The ole nonsmoking hubs is a BIG believer in hospitals.)

I'm struck, though, by how little I know about how anyone was born. I was premature; my mom asked for no drugs but the doctor gave them to her anyway; I looked funny. That's about all I know. I felt ridiculous on the plane yesterday because I covered the birthing pictures as if they were porn anytime I heard anyone coming down the aisle. It just amazes me how little I know about birth, how everyone in the world has been born and how I'm (almost) completely clueless as to the process.

So, today, I ask for your stories. Tell me how you were born, how your kids were born, how the two-headed turtle in the pet shop up the street was born. Really, I need as much information as possible. Apparently, all these kicks I'm feeling will result in a very real thing before I can gather up enough breath to say "Luciana Allesandra Bonifacia Camila Caprice Ellenora Fiorella Gabriella Giuseppina Jacobela Letizia Mariola Michelina Severina Stella Violetta Zoila" Callihan.


Don Vito Corleone said...

Welcome home... I was beginning to think you folks defected. What a nice name, but leave out the "Caprice" part -- sounds too much like an old midsize Chevy. Kudos to the hubby for being a fan of the hospital... little Julia (there's a nice Italian name) will thank you for it later.

little miss mel said...

trip sounds lovely!!!

short version:

I was 2 weeks early. Induced cause my brother was so big, they thought I would be too. 7lbs 10 oz later. Mom had an epidural.

My 1st kid was born on his due date. Went into labor the night before. Labored all night (with an epidural. HELLO LOVER!) and had him by 1p.m. 7lb 5 oz (I was made 1 cm by the doctor earlier that day. I think she got me going....)

2nd kid. 3 days late. Labored half the time as 1st. Started at night again. With epidural, I had him at 7am. 8lbs, 1 oz. (membranes were stripped a little earlier in the day. hmmm..... I see a pattern here.)

Here is a more detailed look at birth story of 2nd kid.


you'll be great.

Anonymous said...

Cody's birth went fine. I remember the nurse told Paula that she was not ready yet because she was still smiling. She had him a very few minutes later with no consequences. What do I know, I was out in the hospital hall having a smoke when I heard him screaming at his new world. He was 7 lbs & 11 ounces. I thought 7-11, that kids already lucky and just might have a little gambling in him. Carlye was induced on a Tuesday. That's Paula's day off. All has gone well so far. I still think Marky T. (for Thorn) Callihan is great and sounds more Italian the more I think about it. I'm sure he is in total agreement.
Your FIL, C's dad & MT's Grandpappy

Nicole Callihan said...

Thanks, littlemissmel and Don Vito. FIL--as for you...while I'm sure "Marky T. Dickie Mary L. Jane" would make for a very happy child, I think we'll name this one ourselves!

Anonymous said...

I was due on Christmas, but my mom didn't go into labor until the night of New Year's Eve. She kept telling my dad they should go to the hospital, but he wouldn't believe her because she apparently wasn't complaining enough like his first wife. She remembers going up in the elevator as the clock struck midnight. Then she labored a few hours, and they had already planned a C-section since she was 41. She also said all she could feel during the C-section were weird pulls and tugs, which makes me semi-nauseous when I think about it. I don't think I'd do too well with a C-section myself. So then I arrived around 8 am, the first baby born in my town in 1988.

spoilt said...

Honestly though- the name is PERFECT. Who wouldn't want a few dozen nicknames to choose from?

jen said...

Oh, my friend....all of the names are so lovely. How will you ever choose?

I am calling you on your birthday. Please won't you answer?

Andrea Luttrell said...

I want to go to Italy!!!

As for baby stories, well...my parents tell me I was conceived in Florence. Si, I was wordly and wonderful even as a fetus.

As for birthing stories, my parents had me while they were living in Puerto Rico. When my mother went into labor, they rushed to the hospital in San Juan. At that time in Puerto Rico, the emergency room closed in the evening! So dad drove through a parking gate. When my mom was actually in delivery, it became apparent that she needed a C-section because the umbilical cord was tied around my neck and choking me with every push. They had to give her a spinal block (which had been none to cause permanent paralysis from the waste down.) She was totally freaked, but she took it because she had no choice. In any case, I was born and was fine. My mother was not paralyzed. All's well that ends well!

On another note, I too want to have a natural birth. My cousin-in-law, a pediatrician, says that's fine. She just suggests not being too disappointed if it doesn't work out. Things happen. You are no less a woman if you are in a hospital instead of the backyard!

Anonymous said...

yes mamma had to schedule me on her day off because I was two weeks late. stubborn then...still stubborn now. late then...still late now...(btw-I will be there at the hospital...ontime with bells on...its on the UES afterall!!)
future auntie c