Monday, February 2, 2009

Gratitude Monday

Today, I am infinitely grateful for:

1) Vanity Sizing.
(I know it's a lie, but it's a lie I love.)

2) My husband's good taste in television.
(This means he won't let Evabird
The Bachelor with me
so I get two hours of Monday night freedom.)

3) It's a tie between Target nursing tank tops
and that Doritos commercial with the crystal ball.
Ah, the simple things...

And you?
Anything ridiculous that you're grateful for?


Anonymous said...

What is vanity sizing? I may be thankful for that also.

Zoe Ryder White said...

Those, and the 39 cent piece that fixed my lamp switch. I've been plugging and unplugging it to turn it off and on for about months. Turns out all it needed was this 39 cent piece that you can screw on. Don't even need tools. I just want to turn the lamp on and off all day.

Nicole Callihan said...

It's when you go to Ann Taylor, and you know you can't be a size X, but X fits. And you start wondering about the Z's and what all the reeeeeeeally skinny girls do. Retailers do it so we consumers feel better about squeezing our bums into "smaller" sizes. Bad for the really skinny girls, perhaps, but nice for the postpartum mama.

Andrea Luttrell said...

Being alive! Our spacious house. Being with a man I love more and more every day, instead of less and less every day (which was how all my other love affairs worked). That the dogs are clean and less smelly than they were last week.

kate said...

the many pringles cans in my vegas hotel room this weekend. saved me...SAVED ME!!!

oh, and the beautiful girth of a mcdonalds straw.

that too.


lindsey said...

I'm grateful for that period of time before my family found me on Facebook.

Mike said...

Did you really like that Dorito's commercial? I couldn't get past the fact that they were juxtaposing crystal balls and magic 8 balls.