Friday, July 11, 2008

Home *%#!@* Home

I left this:
for this:
And if you're wondering where the toilet is...well, it's sitting in the backyard. Unless, of course, you're wondering where the new toilet is and, in that case, it's sitting in the living room, next to the old vanity but below a stack of tiles waiting to be cut by the very loud and very messy tile cutter that's sitting behind the couch. What couch? Oh, the one under all the plastic draping next to the Plaster of Paris.

I had thought re-doing a bathroom would be a contained project--one that happened only in the bathroom. How wrong I was. Combine this cup-runneth-over-project with the fact that the internet and the cable are out and the fact that my husband has decided to quit smoking, and there's a real warm fuzzy feeling going on at this love shack.

Alas, I guess I'll go sing the blues in the gym shower...


Andrea Luttrell said...

The smoker is quitting smoking! Woohoo! Sounds stressful. You can always come escape to Texas. We have good Mexican food and swimming pools.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

little miss mel said...

And is the club where you can actually use the potty?? :)

Hope your bathroom comes together soon! For your sake and hubs!

Nicole Callihan said...

Actually, we have a potty. Thank goodness!!! The gym's close but it's not that close!