Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Snippet

From a new essay I've been working on about sororities, cigarettes & Elle Woods:
There was one girl in my sorority, Jennifer, actually there were many, many Jennifers, but this one Jennifer, one who I sometimes ran prayer group with, even though out in the quad I questioned not only the existence of sororities but also of God, and on really, really cold days, the existence even of a self, but this Jennifer had worked at Disney World as a Princess, and even though, she looked EXACTLY like Cinderella, and had the most beautiful Cinderella-like hair I had ever seen, they made her wear a wig. That’s just the way it is, she told me.


Sarah Dohrmann said...

Can't wait to read the whole thing!

Amanda Herrold said...

well, I need to know which Jennifer this was...???????

PS Hoping you have reasoned that there really IS a God.

Nicole Callihan said...

Sarah, done! A la "Legally Digressive."

Amanda, it was Pellow. Do you not remember that? As for God, we go way back! All is good. :). I've also re-recognized the existence of a self. Happy new year and much love to you and yours!