Friday, October 2, 2009

Subway Poem

I'm between three women
Talking Chinese
And I'm acting like
I don't understand
Because I don't understand
The ads, those boots,
This man reading the bible
With his dry cleaning
On the pole
Rocking back and forth
Rocking like a treetop baby
And no one's singing
On this train
No one's begging or dreaming
At least not outloud
I've got nothing today
Not even a cup of coffee

Just got these shoes
And something knocking
The back of my heart
Something that feels
Like a song
Something that feels
Like it's been too long


Zoe Ryder White said...

Poem! Love this. Look at you writing poems on the subway! With the tree top baby dry cleaning and all of those feet in all of those shoes. So glad to see your poem.

Blasé said...

Well just go ahead and write that Song!!!