Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Words that Satisfy Me

I just love the way the letters are so beautifully shelved:
the o's, the k's, the e's,
so perfectly paired.


Zoe Ryder White said...

You know, I have never noticed before how lovely that is, the oo next to the kk next to the ee!

drjalepeno said...

Do you think this word was coined describing a person who keeps track of books to be placed on a shelf or a person who keeps track of the revenue and expenses of a company or a person who keeps track of wagers?

Mike said...

The symmetry of that word has always bothered me.

(Stream of consciousness note: something about 'symmetry' bother me as well. And 'synergy', when used in a business context.)

Olivia said...
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Olivia said...

i love this word, but i didn't know it existed until you posted it. i miss you terribly!