Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Upon my Pappy's Command

My pappy keeps trying to get me to set up a blog. He wants me to make him famous, he says, or wants me to get famous or maybe just wants to see how it is I spend my days so far away from North Cackalacky. So, here it is, folks: dedicated to the man who gave me this blue pitcher that I fill with water day after day, the man who plays the meanest ukulele in town, whose name will soon fall off your lips, the myth, the legend, the fryer of livermush and lover of Krispy Kreme--my haplessly happy pappy!

1 comment:

Richard said...

Your pappy sounds like a fine fella (aside from the livermush). I'm pretty sure he's not looking to gain fame from your blog, but probably just feels that a fine writer such as yourself should have your own little detour somewhere along the information superhighway.